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Registering a Company in Singapore

When a foreigner or a local set out to venture into the Singaporean markets, one might start either a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company. In case the latter seems more favorable to you, the best way to go about this process is to have an incorporation company help you with the registration. There are a plethora of companies offering this service in Singapore. Therefore, it is imperative to do due diligence on your part to find the incorporation service provider. Certain qualities could be indicative of a good company.

Qualities of a reliable incorporation company


company documents

Honesty is an essential quality to look for when choosing someone to help you register your company. You need to work with an honest team considering that you will be sharing confidential details with them. You certainly do not want to work with someone is not trustworthy since they might be the first people to see your tax submissions and things like profit/loss.

Knowledge & Experience

An incorporation should be well versed with the dynamics of company registration requirements in Singapore. They should invest both their time and money to keep themselves abreast with the most current company registration requirements. You also need to look at the experience they bring on board. If possible, go for a company that has proven reputation in this industry. This is the only way to can be assured of seamless services.


People they have worked with often define the network of a company. If possible, go for a company that has worked in other countries and not just Singapore. This way, you are assured that they not only conversant with local requirements but they also understand what is happening in other parts of the world. This way, their experience and rich network gives them an upper hand when faced with unique challenges.

Customer service

shaking handsA good incorporation company should always be client oriented. This way, you are assured of having a dedicated team that is always at your service whenever you need them. Moreover, they should also show unmatched commitment to see the registration process succeed. Their commitment and professionalism often the best indicator that they will deliver what they promise.

You can use the tips shared above when looking for someone to help you with company incorporation. Outsourcing this service is one of the best and convenient ways of registering a company.

Effective ways of saving money

tighten money and calculator

Saving money is one way of creating wealth. Many are the times that people promise to spend less and save money, but they do not fulfil these promises. Even though there are many reasons why people do not save, there are many reasons of saving money. For instance, saving money will help you in easing your financial burdens, decreasing your debts and creating wealth. This will also give you numerous opportunities for leisure. This might be challenging at times especially to those people who have household expenses and other family commitments. Regardless of your income, you should always make an effort of saving money by adopting the following steps.

The little you save counts

Piled Coins

Can you remember the time you received money from your aunt or uncle? After grabbing that money, you were always reminded to put some in your piggy bank. This practice might feel outdated to some people, but it is an effective and simple method to begin saving. For instance, you can start your saving journey by keeping the small change that you receive after buying something.

Refrain from making unnecessary purchases

Always ask yourself if what you are going to buy is a necessity. This will help you in understanding how money is and thus avoid the small indulgences that would cost you huge amounts of money. Even it is necessary to reward yourself sometimes saving should always be your ultimate goal.

Buddy system

Are you interested in having additional support for meeting your saving objectives? If yes, then you should consider having friends who have similar challenges. This will help you in creating a contest which rewards the best person when it comes to saving. This is one way of motivating people to save more money. Again, this is another effective way of encouraging accountability for spending.

Tracking your spending

This will involve creating a budget to track your expenses and income. Budgeting will help you in forecasting your future and current spending. Also, it is an effective way of controlling your finances. Although some of the available budgeting worksheets are very sophisticated, starting simple is a great idea.

Paradigm shift

Two men gambling

Many people have a great desire of helping other people including their families. Having limited financial resources might lead to negative conflicts. It is therefore important to make sure that these relationships are properly evaluated. This is the best way of avoiding financial burdens and unnecessary hardships.

Paying your bills on time

Paying your bills on time will ensure that your creditors do not penalize you. Being penalized means paying extra money. Late payment is one way of creating a poor credit pattern.