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Reinsurance is regarded as the leading specialist magazine for the global life and non-life reinsurance marketplace, offering a unique and detailed insight into the issues shaping the industry. Each month readers are kept abreast of the latest trends and developments through regular, top quality features: news analysis, country reports, market sector surveys, technical reports, statistics, interviews and legal reports.

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Sample sections available from Reinsurance

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1. Technical Report: Non traditional reinsurance (April 99)

PDF VersionAlan Punter’s state of the nation (1 page 85k)

PDF VersionSecuritisation in the future (1 page 89k)

PDF VersionThe best risk financing combinations (1 page 102k)

PDF VersionLloyd’s learns about ART (2 pages 207k)

PDF VersionRisk exchange round up (1 page 79k)

PDF VersionLife securitisation (1 page 133k)

PDF VersionNew deals means new laws (1 page 69k)

2. Market report: Africa (April 99 – 2 pages) (106k)

PDF Version A rapidly changing market attracts new players
3. Bermuda (April 99 – 3 pages) (96k)

PDF VersionNews from the World Insurance Forum, market trends and Henry Keeling on change at XL capital
4. Woolf Reforms (April 99 – 2 pages) (67k)

PDF Version How to use the new laws to your advantage.

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